Happy Progress Podcast from Alex Harris

September 07, 2020 2 min read

Happy Progress Podcast from Alex Harris

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Hey friends. I'm here in Hollywood, Florida, in my pool recording a podcast. 

Seriously I’m in my pool. The future is amazing. 

I've had several podcasts in the past. Mainly about  e-commerce and website conversion optimization. In short, I help websites make more money.

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This podcast is all about daily progress, where you can make small steps every single day in whatever action is most important to you. And that will compound for accelerated growth. You're going to see because every day I'm going to try to record a podcast.

I've been working on several projects on the side at night as I do have a full time job. I do e-commerce commercial optimization, a B2B lead generation and work with big platforms like Adobe marketing cloud and Salesforce. I've been doing this now for 20 years, a subject matter expert in conversion rate optimization, AB testing, web design and helping websites make more money. 

Happy Progress is where I'm doing daily to give you some insight into how I'm turning my life into a way to create more meaningful work. I love my job. People are great. It's the perfect job for me. You know, if it was easy, anybody would do it. It's not an easy job, but I love it. 

So Happy Progress is me working through the limitations that I've created for myself to create a successful business. And what I've seen, what I've learned is that we're always looking for this complicated, sophisticated answer to life.

And it's really not about that. It's about the simple things about progress, how progress yes equals happiness. And every day we can make small changes in our life. And that will drive massive growth. 

Trust me that I know for sure you have to get laser focused, read the one thing, great book. The one thing, remove everything else. I work on my job 50 hours a week. And the rest of the time, I focus on the things that are going to make me happy and what I found, what makes me happy is helping other people. And I want to help you. 

It's pretty simple. I've helped a lot of people in a short amount of time, and I want to help you too. And that's going to help me figure out how to make the Happy Progress Podcast, have a service of others and how to really make a difference in my own life.

Definitely contact me alex@alexdesigns.com and let me know, does progress equal happiness!

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