Amber Hurdle - Business Coach, Executive Leadership Expert and Podcaster

By Alex Harris October 24, 2020

Amber Hurdle - Business Coach, Executive Leadership Expert and Podcaster

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Amber Hurdle is a best selling author, speaker and successful business / leadership coach.

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We covered SO much that I hope brings you great value, but here are some of the highlights:

  • What the #1 challenge I believe most leaders face, whether they are in a corporate environment or are entrepreneurs, based on my experience.
  • How we have tried to recreate our signature live experiences in an online environment, and how you can build meaningful relationships online.
  • How to apply the same big business branding principles to your leadership personal brand.
  • The #1 thing that keeps people stuck from growing in their career.
  • And so much more around settling into your "new normal!"
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    More about Amber Hurdle:

    Amber Hurdle helps professionals connect the combined value of personal brands, employer brands and business brands to achieve bottom line results. She personally understands what it takes to accelerate success as a former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse business woman, having worked with international celebrities and Fortune 100 companies alike.

    Amber Hurdle advice for post pandemic business



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    She was recently recognized among the “Top 40 Under 40” by the Nashville Business Journal, by the The Nashville Area Chamber’s Nashville Emerging Leader Awards (NELA) as the winner in the Business Services category, and by Global Gurus for being #18 among the top 30 brand professionals for 2020. Amber Hurdle's speaking, consulting and coaching clients include large brands such as FedEx Ground, Marriott Hotels, and Stella & Dot, as well as small businesses who want to play big.

    Whether her content-rich experiences energize leadership to boldly live their organization’s culture and next-level their employee engagement or empowers entrepreneurs to think strategically, Amber’s straight shooting “velvet machete” and warm personality never fail to motivate professionals to up their game in business and in life.

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