Angela Choi - International Life Purpose and Career Coach

By Alex Harris December 05, 2020

Angela Choi - International Life Purpose and Career Coach

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Here's an except from the interview:

"I dealt with a very heavy case of Imposter Syndrome. So, I went to Yale, and I just never felt like I was enough there. I constantly felt like I was surrounded by people who were smarter than me and that it didn't take people effort to do things.

So I dealt with Imposter Syndrome my entire time there, and even after Yale. And so, I have worked through a lot of that, and because I know what it feels like to actually live through that, I think that's why I'm able to coach people cause I understand how people feel cause I've had that lived experience."

- Angela Choi 

More about Angela Choi:

Angela Choi is an International Life Purpose and Career Coach. She helps driven professionals who feel stuck and unfulfilled to discover their purpose so that they can have both the impact and income that they want. Her approach to coaching stems from experiences and lessons learned over a decade of finding her purpose through the corporate, start-up and non-profit worlds across the U.S., Africa, Asia and Europe, all whilst juggling self-judgment, familial pressure, and societal expectations. Sign up for her FREE guide, 6 Steps to Living Your Purpose and learn more about her coaching program at 


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