Feedback Loop for Personal Growth Optimization

By Alex Harris October 10, 2020

Feedback Loop for Personal Growth Optimization

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An entrepreneur the feedback loop is an important part of our process. To understand the feedback loop, think about how quickly you can get feedback, gather that insight, and turn it into actionable efforts that are going to make progress in your ultimate goal.

That's what happy progress is all about. It's about finding the simplest things that can help us drive the most success possible. This is not growth hacking or any quick cheat to level up your results. It's about doing the right things based on the previous failures you've had in the past.

Especially now with the Coronavirus COVID pandemic in 2020, now is the time to take advantage of the downtimes. In times like these, we can leverage the opportunities to create a second income or build on additional projects to create more meaningful and fulfilling work. For me, I want to spend my additional time outside of my main job creating art and designing new creative projects. What type of work have you always wanted to do but haven't determined how to turn your passion into profit?

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