Greg Rollett - Be Ambitious, Get Mass Media Exposure and Launch Products

By Alex Harris November 28, 2020

Greg Rollett - Be Ambitious, Get Mass Media Exposure and Launch Products

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Greg Rollett is the founder of Ambitious, Emmy Winner and Branding / Product Expert.

Greg Rollett is an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, Best-Selling Author and media expert who works with financial advisors and small business owners from all over the world to create personality driven TV shows that drive their business. He is the host of Ambitious Adventures, a travel reality show for entrepreneurs that can be seen on as well as Facebook Watch.

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Here is an excerpt from the podcast interview:

Back in the music days when, and this is for every musician ever, they spend a year or two years, three years recording their album back in the day when there was CDs. You would go to disc makers, like everyone would just go to disc makers, and they would order like 1,000 CDs or 5,000 CDs or 10,000 CDs. They would come in the mail. It'd be the most exciting day ever, like, "My CD just got here," and then they'd go, "Oh crap, now I got to get rid of 9,999 CDs," right? Or 9,997, 'cause they gave one to their mom and their dad and their cousin.

And the same is true, I think for a lot of entrepreneurs. If you're trying to create an online course or a coaching program or you're getting into e-commerce or even if you're getting into services, you create the product first and then go, "All right, now who wants to buy this?" And whenever I've done that, it's been a massive failure because you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The other way to look at it is I want to serve a group of people. I want to be their champion. I want to add value to them. How can I best do that? What product can I create that's going to help enhance their life? And so the biggest thing that I think of is what is the pocket of people that I want to help, the pocket of people that I want to serve, that I want to be their champion, and then let's think about the product.

I think so many people do it the other way. They want to, back when I was helping a lot of people create courses, they wanted to create a guitar training course where they taught the greatest solo playing over their head and over their shoulder 'cause that's the course that they wanted to create, when the marketplace just wants to learn three songs so they can impress the girl down the street.

And so find the market first, do the market, and market research, it's boring, it's not fun, like people don't love it, but it doesn't have to be boring market research. It's just who do I want to help?

I want to help busy moms to lose weight. Awesome.

Right, I want to help entrepreneurs start their first side hustle.

Awesome, like find that pocket of people and start serving them first, and then create the product second.

More about Greg Rollett:

Greg helps entrepreneurs create a "Business That Powers Your Life". 

Rollett is the founder of, a media network that is known as “the voice of small business.” Through and the Ambitious TV Network, they have been able to create hundreds of episodes for their clients that are now seen across the globe on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Smart TV’s, iOS and Android devices and many other online and offline outlets. This gives small business owners and opportunity to be seen and heard by the people that they can best help.

He also coaches small business owners to create their own videos by being their Virtual Video Producer. Learn more by going to

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