Chris Out - Growth Hacker Turned Public Speaking Master

By Alex Harris November 21, 2020

Chris Out - Growth Hacker Turned Public Speaking Master

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Featured excerpt from the Guest Expert, Chris Out:

If you all boil it down, almost every business has the same problem. Then you ask "What should we change here to help them grow to the next level?" And so together with Marlise, we really tried to figure out what would be like really big growth lever?

So, a growth lever is what we define as the 1% that brings more than 50% of your impact. Because if you look at all kinds of data points and things in nature, you see that only a very small percentage of things will, generate more than half of the output. So we created a cheat sheet for people that, they can do it themselves with three levers that they can implement. And if clients want to hire me, one-on-one, I can also help them with finding the levers that they can use for their business. And we have tested this model with some clients and the results are amazing because people really quickly spot okay, this is what we work on, they get a lot of focus and actually, it brings a lot of clarity to their growth and it makes it, it's easier and they make quicker decisions.

They go to action faster, and they don't, they cut the crap. They're not bullshitting around anymore. They're just like focusing on one or two things. They do that really well. And then they move to the next phase and the next phase and the next phase. So, that's a really exciting journey right now helping clients one-on-one but also creating products that people that don't have the money or another the place to hire us one-on-one, can also use these principles and apply it to themselves.

Meet Chris Out - Growth Hacking Expert and Public Speaker

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Chris Out helps businesses spot growth opportunities that instantly generate more revenue. I call these growth levers 1% opportunities that generate over 50% of the impact.

He provides Interim Head of Growth Consulting, where I help companies set up a growth team, implement the latest growth strategies, tools, and frameworks.

Chris worked with hundreds of companies. In July 2020, Chris sold his growth hacking agency, and now consulting companies worldwide. Companies that have hired Chris in the past: Cisco, ING, Rabobank, KPMG, DPG Media, Singularity University, Talpa, ABN AMRO, Helloprint, Startupbootcamp and many more.

Growth Lever Cheat Sheet

What Chris loves to do:

- Setting up go-to-market strategies and scale products/services quickly
- Quickly spotting opportunities
- Increase the growth rate increase Customer Life Time Value
- Decrease customer acquisition costs

After a career in auditing, Chris moved to entrepreneurship. His first company Addiscount failed miserably as I  made all the mistakes that a first-time entrepreneur makes.

With his second company RockBoost was recognized as 1 of the top growth hacking agencies worldwide. They won multiple awards in E-Commerce, Digital Transformation, and Branding. In July 2020, Chris sold my stake to start my new portfolio of ventures.

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