Making $1 Million in on Amazon with SEO, Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing

By Alex Harris September 09, 2020

Making $1 Million in on Amazon with SEO, Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing

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Luiz Cent has had a long journey as a Shopify entrepreneur.

He has started several eCommerce sites focused on what he loves. From his Hammock Town site, he has generated $1 million dollars in revenue this year along. Now they are looking to sell their Shopify site and flip the ownership. Luiz also talks about his different jobs at Mailshake (Saas company: Personalized sales engagement at scale), Experiment Engine (CRO product management software), (e-commerce merchandising site), and Optimizely (A Conversion Optimization & A/B testing enterprise software). Optimizely was just acquired by EPI or Episerver. Now he found his dream job as a Sales Manager at a Saas startup in the B2B email & CRM space. 

Listen to the Happy Progress Podcast where he shares how he has made over one million dollars from his Hammock Town website with several months remaining in the year. 
Some great advice about career SEO (search engine optimization) growth, entrepreneurship, eCommerce Shopify and tips for stand out when looking for a job. 

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