Motivation Music - Gary Vaynerchuk on Self Awareness

By Alex Harris October 11, 2020

Motivation Music - Gary Vaynerchuk on Self Awareness

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Many years ago I met Gary Vaynerchuk at the FOWA conference (created by Ryan Carson of Treehouse) in Miami, Florida. When I saw him on stage, I thought who is this guy, sho does he think he is any and I really like him.

I really want to meet him and see what makes him so passionate. From there I followed Gary to many other conferences and Wine Library parties including SXSW and the Thunder Cruise.

The Thunder Cruise was an all-inclusive cruise that Gary hosted as a wine tasting event. This track really inspired me to think differently about my self-awareness. I would listen to this in a Soundcloud playlist to help aspire me to take action and approach different scenarios related to my career and future thought process. Do you have a soundtrack, motivational video, or speaker that has really inspired you?

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