Jordan Gal - Future of Shopify eCommerce & Post Purchase Upsells

By Alex Harris October 18, 2020

Jordan Gal - Future of Shopify eCommerce & Post Purchase Upsells

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Jordan Gal is the founder and CEO of Cart Hook.

On the Happy Progress podcast, we covered a variety of topics related to startup growth and Shopify.

  • Startup Growth:
    Success & Growing Pains:
    Growing a Startup in a fast-moving, ever-changing Shopify and eCommerce ecosystem

  • Learn about the Future of Shopify
    We also cover a brief intro into Headless Ecommerce and discuss if  Shopify Plus customers going to want more advanced features like Headless Commerce or different needs of enterprise ecommerce companies.

  • Post-Purchase Upsells with Shopify
    There are a variety of ways of doing post purchase up-sells and cross-sells. CartHook will now have a Shopify app. One example of a post-purchase upsells is to up-sell a "Monthly Subscription". You're offering automatic delivery of a product they know they'll run out of (that's a time saver for them). By 
    buying now, they lock in a lower price (that's a huge saving over time).

Here is the video interview for the Happy Progress Podcast. This video will only be available for a limited time (long story). So watch it now before it is taken down: 

Some of the companies mentioned on this podcast: Shopify, Shopify Plus, Shogun Landing Page, Liquid Landing Pages, Headless CMS.

CartHook will soon have a Shopify app allowing you to do post-purchase offers directly inside your Shopify checkout. CartHook's new Shopify app is expected to be available at the end of October 2020. CartHook was originally founded in 2015 as an abandoned cart app. In 2017, we launched post-purchase upsells.

What is Headlless Commerce?

In its simplest form, headless commerce is a separation of the front end and back end of an ecommerce application. This architecture offers brands freedom of expression to build whatever and however they want. Most importantly, it enables brands to enrich the customer experience.

Here are my recommendations for other podcast interviews on Spotify with Jordan Gal:

Business is like a Rubik's Cube - the Hack the Entrepreneur podcast covers the following topics: 

  • The importance of being proactive and the willingness to be denied
  • The many different paths that led to Jordan’s success and how he learned from mistakes made along the way
  • The value of not reinventing the wheel and building upon existing business models
  • Making sure your next decision is the right decision in order to keep moving your business forward

Listen to the Hack the Entrepreneur Interview

Increase conversions and AOV with product funnels and post-purchase upsells from the eCommerce lab podcast:

Post-purchase upsells increase AOV by 14% on average

  • How to use a “one click upsell” after the checkout to upsell your customer without adding friction to the buying process
  • Leveraging consumer psychology to increase hit rate of an upsell
  • Using “product funnels” to sell more with a better customer journey

Listen to the eCommerce Lab podcast interview

Entrepreneur Podcast Playlists on Spotify

Here is the full playlist of podcast episodes that I recommend that include Jordan Gal from CartHook:

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