Meet Youtube Star Eddie Pinero from Your World Within

By Alex Harris November 07, 2020

Meet Youtube Star Eddie Pinero from Your World Within

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On the podcast we discuss his journey of growing his YouTube channel to over 234,000 subscribers, creating emotional content using storytelling and his mindset as a creative entrepreneur. 

Eddie Pinero is a Tedx speaker, entrepreneur & author.

He is the founder of Your World Within, a global leader in motivation, with +65 million streams on YouTube & Spotify world-wide Eddie is also a co-founder of the top rated podcast by the name name, Your World Within | Life Stories.

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Here are the questions I asked Eddie:

  • Does Progress Equal Happiness to Eddie Pinero
  • What is the one unique thing he is bringing to the world?  
  • Do you believe you’re one creation away from a totally different life?
  • How are you creating emotional content?
  • How do you set worthwhile goals with uncertain results? 
  • Why do people stay average? 

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Learn more about Eddie Pinero creator of Your World Within YouTube channel and Podcast

Eddie was born in Japan on a military based. His family moved around a lot (Virginia Beach, Phoenix LA). Then he went to school in Boston and studied political science. Then he began a career in the insurance industry.

Not satisfied with his direction, he left the 9 to 5 to pursue his passion as a singer / songwriter. He then began to write keynote speeches. After launching several other YouTube channels, he began Your Worlds Within in 2014. His first video on Your World Within YouTube channel was 2014 “Ode to excellence”.

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Now his YouTube channel has over 234,000 subscribers and 34 million views. That's incredible.

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