Why Happy Progress?

Does progress equal happiness to you?

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Join others on a journey to create a life of meaningful work...

It is a simple concept of how small daily momentum can drive exponential growth, whatever that might be, whether you're unhappy with your job, or you're just not living a life of fulfillment. Happy Progress is the way to change your mindset.

This site was created to inspire you. To help everyone make progress, every day.

You've may have tried this before or you're doing this already, but through Happy Progress, we can grow together. Personally and professionally.

Alex Harris is committed to thinking differently about personal growth and success. It is our goal to combine self-improvement, career growth and online marketing to create a better life for ourselves. 

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My goal is for us all, to come together, to grow faster and find ways that we can really work together to build a community and find other passionate people and find other people that we went on and find other people that we can really help grow together.

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