Ajna Meditation Cushion Yoga Pillow

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Brand: Ajna

Color: Rose Quartz


  • ✔ REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY EVERYDAY: Ajna’s meditation cushions make it easier than ever to the enjoy scientifically backed benefits of meditation, such as reduced stress and anxiety, increased emotional health, enhanced self awareness, lengthened attention span, and a reduction in age related memory loss. Our meditation pillows will allow you to enjoy the practice of relaxation like never before.
  • ✔ DESIGNED TO BE DURABLE AND HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL: Our meditation cushion floor pillows consist of two durable layers, washable outer cover and inner case. Filled with our unique proprietary blend of buckwheat hulls and mixed with real lavender hulls. Aromatherapy with lavender has been shown in studies to have potent relaxation effects, and be useful in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Add or remove hulls at your convenience to adjust the height of the yoga pillow.
  • ✔ MORE COMFORTABLE SITTING POSTURE ALLEVIATING BACK PAIN: Our ergonomically designed buckwheat meditation cushions make it simple for you to achieve the optimal alignment of your spine. With the ajna yoga cushion you’ll instantly notice less stress on your joints, no more numbness in your extremities, and relief from pain tension in the hips and lower back. even breathing becomes easier!
  • ✔ TAKE YOUR PRACTICE TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME: Ajna bolster pillow's seamlessly fuse functionality with aesthetics. The luxe velvet design, which comes in three crystal inspired shades, radiates an atmosphere of safety and calm into any home, yoga studio, or meditation space. Each meditation cushion floor pillow comes in its very own carry bag, allowing you the freedom to make any location a comfortable place to slow down and meditate.
  • ✔ AJNA WELLBEING IS COMMITTED TO REDUCING STRESS AND INCREASING HAPPINESS: By providing you with the highest quality products and exceptional service that we can contribute to a healthier and happier life for you and your loved ones. We are proudly committed to creating ethically sourced, and ecologically sustainable products, and to giving back to both the community and planet by planting a tree for every product we sell!


Meditation has many proven benefits, from significantly reducing stress and anxiety, to increasing your capacity for empathy and compassion. However, even when we know what we have to gain from meditation, it can be difficult to make it a habit.

Ergonomically designed, our 15" x 5.5" zen sacks encourage the ideal posture for meditation.

Optimizing your spinal alignment is key to alleviating aches and pains that can cut your practice short. Additionally, sitting correctly allows energy to flow naturally and freely between your chakras.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Ajna Wellbeing product if it wasn’t just as beautiful to look at as it is to use! Our cushions come in two crystal inspired colors to calm and soothe the soul, making them the perfect addition to any meditation space.

- Washable eco outer cover

- GOTS Certified cotton inner cover

- Elegant design

- Adjustable lavender and organic buckwheat filling

- Beautiful tote bag, and carry handle for easy transportation

- Comes with a guided chakra balancing meditation

Our meditation cushions were created to transform your practice into a ritual that you’ll crave.

Package Dimensions: 15.7 x 15.7 x 5.9 inches