Authority Book by Nathan Barry

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Author: Nathan Barry

Number Of Pages: 192


And no, you do not have to be famous or have a huge online following In less than one calendar year, Nathan Barry made over $250,000 by independently publishing three books he wrote himself. Making money from book sales is wonderful but it is just the beginning. Getting a raise, landing a new job, and gaining new clients are all direct results of writing and publishing a book. In Authority, Nathan shows you: -How NOT to be a poor, starving author -How to establish a consistent writing habit -How to implement a successful marketing strategy -How to replace traditional publishing methods with methods that can earn far more, in far less time -How to position yourself as an AUTHORITY in your chosen field and enjoy benefits far beyond simply making money Review "Nathan Barry is far too successful for his own good. Fortunately, he's given us all his secrets in this book. Read it to create your own publishing success in the same time it takes most authors to receive rejection letters." --Chris Guillebeau, NY Times Bestselling Author of The $100 Startup"Behold: the future of publishing. If you care about creating a book that helps readers, builds your career, and regularly deposits large sums of money into your bank account, you can't afford to ignore Nathan's work." --Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours"I've been waiting for a book like Authority for ages. I self-published an eBook a couple of years back and it was such a painful experience. The tips and tricks in Authority take away all that pain and I'll be writing a new book following this blueprint in the very near future." --Adii Pienar, WooThemesNathan's packaging and pricing strategy allowed me to offer more value to customers who wanted much more than just information. By delivering additional actionable content, my customers were more successful faster and put more than 15k in my pocket (so far!). --Brennan Dunn, Author of Double Your Freelancing Rate About the Author NATHAN BARRY is a designer, developer, speaker, and the author of three highly profitable books. He is the founder of Legend, his software design and consulting company. He is an authentic innovator in the world of digital publishing and blogging. His primary goal is to help other authors make a living from their writing. Nathan lives in Boise, Idaho and loves to travel with his wife and son. Follow Nathan's personal and business adventures on Twitter (@nathanbarry).