Florensi Yoga Bolster

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Brand: Florensi

Color: Blue


  • 💮 DIMENSION: 26" length x 11" width x 5.5" height
  • 💮 DESIGN: Our yoga bolster is designed for your restorative practices. This pillow supports your body while doing backbends, child's pose, and elevated legs exercises. This yoga bolster is stuffed with an extra firm and eco-friendly fill that is designed to maintain its shape for all yoga practices and poses. While this pillow is sturdy enough for support, it is light and convenient to carry.
  • 💮 BENEFITS: Using a yoga bolster can stimulate the nervous system to relieve stress on a deeper level. When placed under the spine, chest, or shoulders, the yoga bolster allows the blood to circulate freely through the body, supplying the organs with oxygenated blood. Using this prop while twisting the abdomen can also stimulate your digestive system and improve metabolism. Bolster pillows are ideal for yin yoga, stretching, pain relief, back support, and prenatal yoga.
  • 💮 MISSION: Florensi was founded with a mission to provide relaxation and peace to everybody regardless of level of need. Our founder began suffering from anxiety at the age of 25, and has been researching techniques and instruments to help reduce her reliance on medication ever since. The Florensi line has been created as a result of this journey.