Growth Mindset Poster

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12x16 Educational Posters Decor Teacher Classroom Wall Decoration Mindfulness for Bulletin Boards - Motivational Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Middle School Students Banner

Brand: Sunsnap

Growth Mindset Poster


  • INSPIRATIONAL CLASSROOM DECORATION: Teaching kids to adopt growth mindset themes at school / homeschool. Hangs well on any door, bulletin board, chalkboard, class room wall or hallway.

  • BRIGHT COLORS, POSITIVE IDEAS: Quotes on the poster give rules a counselor or psychologist can give children in any grade. Chart display has helpful mental health emotional sayings. Vibrant glossy print on 16pt premium thick cardstock.

  • ENCOURAGING SIGNS: Motivation wall art features 10 fixed mindset thoughts and their growth mindset alternatives. Messages act as classroom tools to calm, build character, keep accountable and self talk.

  • SHIPPED IN FLAT STURDY MAILER: Your teacher resource and classroom supply poster ships in a flat, sturdy reinforced envelope to prevent any folding or damage during shipping.

  • SIZED 12 x 16: Printed on 16pt premium quality heavy cardstock paper with high definition printing for vibrant colors and clear designs. Can be hung with or without frame (NO FRAME INCLUDED).


A GROWTH MINDSET Poster For The Classroom, Daycare, Library, Learning Center, or Home! Decorate your classroom at school, christian study or home. Pin or frame this educational poster where your kids will see it to challenge them to adopt a Growth Mindset with everything they do. Colorful student bulletin teachers can show inspiring kindness, power, psychology, cultural diversity and inspiration. These banners are great for science, english, math, technology, history, computer lab, counseling, occupational classrooms, speech therapy or any room or office that could benefit from mind set matters encouragement. Accomplish ANYTHING With a GROWTH MINDSET!

Success Begins With Believing You Can! Instead of Thinking...

> Think This... I can't do it.

> I'm still learning. I'll keep trying! I'm not good at this.

> What can I learn to get better at this? It's good enough.

> Is this the best I can do? It's too hard.

> With more practice it will get easier! I'm afraid of making a mistake.

> Mistakes are how I learn & get better! They are better at it than I am.

> What can I learn from them? I don't know how.

> I can learn how! I can't make this any better.

> I can always find ways to improve! I don't like challenges.

> Challenges make me better! I give up.

> I'll try a different way! You'll love reading the sayings on the resources even for yourself.

Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 13.0 x 0.2 inches


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