Lamajo Large Round Meditation Cushion 14" Extra-Soft Adjustable Red Seat Cushion and Supportive Buckwheat Filled Yoga Pillow for Added Comfort, Yoga Block - Unique Tibetan Script Design

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Brand: Lamajo

Color: Red


  • UNIQUE MEDITATION CUSHION – Beautifully designed with premium quality materials to provide you with the ultimate comfort while meditating or during yoga; Our large 14 x 14 x 5 inch yoga pillow features a Tibetan script around the sides which translates to 'Seat of Happiness'
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIALS – Each one of the Lamajo Round Meditation Cushions is designed and crafted with a beautiful soft cotton cover and extra supportive buckwheat hull filling for added comfort; This allows for longer meditation, yoga poses - all with less fatigue
  • ADJUSTABLE & REMOVABLE COVER – Easily adjust the amount of buckwheat filling that is in each meditation floor pillow -- Remove or add as much as you want for your specific comfort level; The durable cotton covers are removable so you can easily wash
  • DURABLE CARRY HANDLE – Easily take the travel meditation cushion pillow with you anywhere! Bring with you to your yoga class, meditation studio, to class in case you have an uncomfortable seat, and to wherever you are traveling
  • HELPS IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE + FREE MEDITATION MASTERY GUIDE E-BOOK – Improve your yoga or meditation poses without having to sit on a hard, uncomfortable floor. Our super soft and cushiony meditation pillow helps you avoid pain or cramps in your legs, feet, or back. Also comes with FREE Meditation Mastery Instructional Guide Book.

Details: Lamajo 14” x 14” x 5” Tibetan Round Meditation Pillow Cushion Our extra durable and soft meditation cushion will make meditating for long periods of time much more enjoyable. Don’t let a hard, uncomfortable floor interrupt your peaceful and relaxing head space. Each one of our buckwheat filled yoga pillows has a Tabitian script around the sides which translates to 'Seat of Happiness'. Why Choose Lamajo Over the Competition? Large round pillow for yoga and meditation - 14 x 14 x 5 Inches Made with premium quality materials that guarantee your new round yoga bolster pillow is built to last Removable zipper cotton cover so you can keep your cushion clean at all times Easily add or remove buckwheat filling to adjust to your specific comfort level Super soft and comfortable sitting pillow that provides you with long-lasting support during yoga or meditation 100% cotton outer and inner cover that provides you with even more comfort Supportive buckwheat filling that helps improve your posture Features a durable carry handle so you can transport the cushion anywhere you go Easy To Clean: Simply remove the cotton cover and place it on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. Clean your meditation pillow with ease. Our meditation seat cushion matches well with our other Tibetan style products. Get the whole set making it perfect for meditation room decor. This yoga pillow along with our Tibetan singing bowls will be sure to make a great gift for anyone! Satisfaction Guarantee! We know that this durable and extra soft cushion will make your yoga or meditation experience even better. Have the right tools for the job that ensure you get the most out of each session without worrying about cramps and pains. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please contact us right away.

Package Dimensions: 14.8 x 13.3 x 7.2 inches